Bernard Baschet: It came very simply and naturally.

writing poetry painting, collage facilities Bibliography mother POETRY: Poetry frosted GS – Editorial Creations «Poetry Frosted» Full of Haiku poetry, poems and poetic Tree Marelle My forest – a poetry course at school: In math, they do well … the nonsensical poetry in college classes Creativity and pretense the BEEP-BEEP maternal Bibliography poetry poetry frosted – Editorial Creations «frosted poetry»> Print Add comment
In: Inventions For students For teachers teaching arts magazine Principles> term-creation to use online creations February 2010 «Overture» New Educator 196 Special Creations Published February 2010 Participating in the development of this issue: Jacqueline Benais, Simone Cixous, Veronique Decker, Anne Hadri, Katina Ieremiadis Agnes Merry Maud Lechopier Danielle Maltret Laurence Maurand Anne Roy, Eliane Trocolo.

Photos: E Apfeldorfer, Mr Bachy, J. Benais, J. Blanchard, MA Bories, S. Brouard, B. Bustrau, C. Duval, A. Eracher, A. Merry V. Limonet L. Maurand, C . Musseau, C. Quoiraud S. Usai. under Article level class theme used technical artist «Concerto for a door and a sigh» editorial Around the object public elementary adult book: CP See the book otherwise an experience that mixes plastic arts and writing in a CP class and an adult shop. paper mache, painting, writing calligraphy The mother kites: MS / GS Kites, cultural mediators, kites, messages of peace leaders. The synopsis of the students of Scripture high school dance workshop Synopsis Dance – Music – Gesture Creation Haiku for spring elementary poets: Poetry CM1 – Haiku – writing illustration, painting a theater settles in our native district When several elementary teachers of the Victor Hugo school in Limoges show the influence of this event on their classroom practice …

War theater, drawing, pastel, painting, work in situ Bouquets elementary poems (Louis Buton school of Aizenay) the book festival by and for children – Carry books-materials. poetic writing workshop with actress poetic writing, painting, collage, mixed media installations. Zau, illustrator guest of honor Editorial New Educator No.

196, January 2010 Round the book-object Kites The dance workshop aboard students book Haikus A theater moved into our district Youth book festival Aizenay «the festival by and for children» New Educator Editorial No. 196, January 2010> Print Add comment
In: Inventions For students For teachers review Arts pedagogical principles> term-creation to use online June 2010 Online Review creations Announced in New Educator No.

198 Published June 2010 Online Review creations sound and musical practices attended the the development of this issue: Jacqueline Benais Simone Cixous, Veronique Decker, Anne Hadri, Katina Ieremiadis Agnes Merry Maud Lechopier Danielle Maltret Laurence Maurand Anne Roy, Eliane Trocolo Claudine Vaugelade. Photo credits: Jean-Francois Denis, Christophe Girard, Christian Grafouillere, Jean-Charles Huver Nadine Huver-furling Maud Lechopier, Francois Le Gall, Adrien Legris, Danielle Maltret Anne Roy, Virginia Solnon.

During the course of Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez, the two working groups ICEM «Arts and creations» and «sound and musical practices» made contact and decided to work together. The publication of this edition of the New Educator dedicated to sound practices is the realization of this rapprochement.

We wanted to bring a few classroom practices testimonials about a pedagogy of music education which is based on exploration, listening to the sounds and music, through various activities such as: – dance and physical expression – the discovery and use of Instrumentarium – workshops songs – the collection of songs and world sharing, – the sound illustration tale and poetry, etc. Far from pretending to exhaust the subject, we wish above all, by this number, remember the one hand the importance of ear training, such as education of the look, in the development of thought (sensory development, languages, etc.), and secondly the need for concrete and natural approach allowing the child to explore, produce sounds and speak, alone or with a group through cooperation and mutual listening.

We also organize together a training course «audible and visual Practices» in October 2010 at the ICEM Internship federation. «Creations» and «sound and musical practices» Bibliography From the book: «The Instrumentarium Baschet» under Article technical theme class level used bamboo elementary music artist: CP / EC1 Bamboo His gesture A workshop organized by a student Footprints workshop elementary artistic and cultural practice: CM1 Sounds Frottage Scripture Wanting to grasp the real is first agree not grasp fragments Jean Pallandre, artist Marina the Mermaid kindergarten 2005/2006: TPS, PS, MS, GS Chronology of a show conceived, directed and music by children tale Illustration writing dance music ink collages, etc. Maternal kindergarten sound box: M, GS Music Gesture Sound objects elemental sound and musical practices: Cycle 3 A class Music Dance Music Opera Ballet Project «Musaique – Mosaic» primary: PS to CM2, a group of inhabitants and a team of teachers rally around a project of artistic creation partnership, adult-child cooperation, cultures singing nursery rhymes music instruments picture mosaic elementary sound Poetry: Poetry CP Its Awning music / courtyard elementary light: CM1 «When discovery of instrumentarium Baschet and light effects make you want to put the project in visual and music … «(light as material) experimentation quality instrumentarium sounds music performance space (test) in natural Dance kindergarten kindergarten MS / GS body language Listen dance One year of sound and musical practices between cycle 3 elementary classes : Cycle 3 Instrumentarium sound recording music Exploration Workshops Listen Exchange Links to other articles already published Sector more theoretical texts «sound and musical practices» ICEM Exploring Improvisation sounds Listen Instrumentarium Music workshops pierced Hat Speaking in schools and youth centers Making music for others, with others or make real instruments together to instill the desire to play song sound recording machines Luc Perrin, artist music HTML Table GS Preschool creation and arrangement of clay instruments baked terracotta air music links to ICEM records about the music – cf.
Creations No. 19, September 1984 Editions PEMF «Arthea, sound gestation» by Georges Herinx – sold out – cf. Creations No.

22, March 1985 Editions PEMF – sold – «Jacques Dudo, water musician» by The ICEM Music Committee «-» The young deaf and music «, report Simone Berton – New Educator n 166, February 2005 – Opening of the unusual – Start in sound creation Nathalie Chaumeron Extract from Bernard Baschet: Researcher and sound sculptor, Daniele Frauensohn, Ed L’Harmattan, Paris, 2007. This biography was born from. «encounter» of the author with musical instruments of a new type in schools.

Danielle Frauensohn is raised to the artist. How to describe Bernard Baschet? Musician, acoustical, scientist, designer, craftsman factor instruments, artist, sculptor, teacher, composer … the list is long «Daniele Frauensohn. How did you get the idea to work with children? Bernard Baschet: It came very simply and naturally.

In fact, in 1965, when the first exhibition of sound structures in Stockholm, teachers brought their students to the museum and we found that they literally rushed out large structures. This happened in the same way at exhibitions in Germany and France.

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